Complete Destruction of Warehouse Fire in Grand Prairie, Texas

This picture was taken three days after the devastating warehouse fire in Grand Prairie, TX that occurred on Feb. 8, 2011. In the property insurance industry this would be classified as a Maximum Forseeable Loss (MFL) event (100% loss) and wouldn’t be expected if the warehouse had adequate fire protection systems installed. Sprinklers were installed however not adequate in controlling the fire.  More than likely there were issues with the sprinkler installation or maybe even shut sprinkler control valves.  The investigation is still ongoing.  The warehouse was 400,000 sq. ft. with numerous tenants.  Part of the facility was utilized to store aluminum cans for soft and energy drink beverages.  By looking at some of the debris it appeared that they were cans without the lids, so I’m assuming that the cans were empty and not filled with liquid.  The other part of the facility used for mail sorting. There were small areas where the fire was still smoldering.   The fire department was monitoring the smoldering fire and ATF was on site investigating.

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  1. One of world’s biggest fire losses took place at the Ford factory in Cologne, Germany in 1977. My short documentary, ‘Burning Questions’, investigated whether the rules about sprinklers in high-rise warehouses had been adequate. It can now be freely viewed on my YouTube channel at

    • Hi Jon, Thanks for posting the video. If you have any new projects related to fire protection and fire prevention. Please let us know so that I can share with our readers.


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