Fire Prevention Week 2011 – Escape Planning

Day 2 of Fire Prevention Week. Make sure to stop by as we’ll be posting tips everyday during National Fire Prevention week. 1/3 of households in the US have developed fire escape plans. Today we’re going to focus on tips for the family home escape plan.

  • Draw an escape plan for the home. The plan should show all doorways and windows. All family members should be familiar with the plan.
  • Know all possible ways to exit each room. Test doors and windows to make sure they can be easily opened.
  • Teach your kids how to escape on their own, in case you can’t help them. Instruct them to stay low to the ground, if the home is full of smoke. Make sure young children know how to dial 911 and know their home address.
  • If there are occupants sleeping on the second level, consider purchasing emergency exit ladders for each room that is occupied.
  • Designate an outside meeting point a safe separation distance away from the home.
  • Conduct home fire drills twice a year, during the day and night using different ways to exit the property.
  • Instruct family members to shut doors as they leave the premises.
  • Make sure to call the fire department once you are safely outside the home.
  • Also, If your interested in becoming a firefighter , make sure to visit our friends at They have good basic information about joining the fire service and training such as Firefighter 1 certification.

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