Fire Prevention Week 2011 – Tips on Cooking and Kitchen Fires

This week Oct. 9-15 is National Fire Prevention Week.  The theme this year is “Protect your Family from Fire”. Home fires are reported to occur every 90 seconds, with an average of 7 people dying each day. Make sure to stop by as we”ll be posting tips everyday during National Fire Prevention week.

The number one cause of fires in the home are cooking/kitchen related and the third leading cause of home fire deaths.    Some useful tips to always remember.

  • Never leave your stove unattended.  Don”t let distractions (phone, answering door, kids, tv, etc.) give you the chance to leave the stove when the pilots are turned on.  If your going to leave the stove or kitchen make sure to turn off the stove or have someone attend the area for you.
  • If you are feeling sleepy, on medication that makes you drowsy, or have been drinking, avoid cooking and turning on the stove.
  • Electric stoves are at higher risk than gas fired.  Gas pilot flames can be immediately turned off, electric burner heating elements need time for free mobi games the heat to dissipate.
  • Oil frying poses the highest risk with the highest occurrence of oil fires during Thanksgiving. Never use water to put out an oil fire. Oil and water don”t mix and would cause a violent explosive reaction. Make sure to always have a lid nearby, if the oil fire is small, try to cover it with a lid, turn off the burner and use an approved fire extinguisher if necessary. If the fire is too large, evacuate all occupants, get out of the house and dial 911.
  • Don”t store or put combustible materials (hand towels, paper rolls, plastic containers, cooking oils, recipes, etc.) near the stove.
  • Don”t allow children to play or run around the stove or in the kitchen. A majority of the accidents to kids under 5 are non-fire related with nearly 45% due to scalding water from the microwave.
  • For oven fires keep the door closed and shut the oven off.
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