Top 10 Questions to expect during a Property Insurance Visit

This is for all the plant  managers, facility engineers, maintenance personnel or anyone else that is responsible for building management/engineering.  So you just got off the phone or received an email from someone wanting to conduct a property insurance visit and you’re not sure what to expect.  This is a general guide of the Top 10 Questions you could typically expect during a property insurance visit.   This is for reference only and information requirements varies depending on the Insurance Company, property type, and occupancy.

1. Provide a general layout of the building/s and property, including square footage, and indicate if the buildings are provided with fire protection.

2. Provide general details of the buildings roof and wall construction. Is it combustible, non-combustible, fire resistive?  Age of building, no. of floors, basements. Any special construction features (MFL or demise walls, plastic/wood construction, EIFS)?

3. What type of operations are conducted in the occupancy (manufacturing, storage, offices)? Are there any special hazards, storage arrangements, unique processes?

4. What type of fire protection systems (sprinklers) are installed?  A layout and  location of the sprinkler risers, fire pumps, water supplies, fire hydrants is always helpful.  Inspection and test records of the fire protection systems, fire extinguishers, and any other special protection systems.

5. Describe general building utilities (power systems, building heating and cooling)

6. Documents of self-inspection programs for fire protection systems, hot work permits, red tag impairment programs, maintenance programs, plant emergency response procedures, smoking policies, infra-red studies.

7. Is the property exposed to any natural hazards (flood, wind, seismic, etc.)  or exposures from neighboring facilities?

8. How far is the nearest fire department, are they fully-paid or volunteer, response time, ISO rating available?

9. What type of security and alarm systems are installed? Who monitors and what are response procedures?

10. Are there any critical operations or special processes unique to the facility?  Are business continuity plans in place.

I plan on going in more detail of each item in the future.  Thanks for checking in.  If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.



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