Highlights of Citizens Firefighter Academy – Week 6

Hey guys.  Reporting another cool week at the Citizens Firefighter Academy.  This week we suited up in our bunker gear and got to flow water from hose and drive a fire truck. For this weeks activities we met at the parking lot at Hawaiian Falls.  Hawaiian Falls is local water park in our area.

Flowing Hose with Water

Firefighter Hose OperationWe suited up in our bunker gear and split up in two groups.  Our group first flowed water. Firefighters showed us how they connect 4-inch supply hose from a hydrant to the fire pumper truck.  From the fire pumper truck a smaller attack hose (1-3/4 inch or 2-1/2 inch) is used when conducting manual firefighting. The truck has a fire pump that to regulate the flow and pressure. Flow rates can vary from 100 to 300 gallons per minute (gpm) depending on the hose size.  We used 1-3/4 inch hose and flowed 1oo gpm.  Let me tell you, flowing a mere 100 gpm and maintaining it for long periods will wear you out.  My partner and I held the hose for a few minutes and we were struggling.  I imagine it would be even more difficult at higher flow rates.

View Inside Fire TruckDriving a Fire Truck

There were four of us in our group.  Three of us would be in the back with a firefighter while the driver of our group would take several laps around the parking lot. There would be a firefighter driver with us at the passenger side.   He gave us basic instructions, not that much different than driving a truck, just a bit bigger and no rear view mirrors.  There is a monitor mounted on the dashboard that gives the driver a rear view. After the firefighter driver  gave us brief instructions we were ready to go.  As we took off the firefighter turned on the sirens and  lights.  We were ready to get to the scene.  All fire apparatus owned by The Colony Fire Department are equipped with flashing lights that emit a frequency that controls traffic lights to change green along their path of travel. Not all fire departments are equipped with this technology.  Though they have this technology extreme caution must still be taken at intersections.  I have to admit I was a little nervous about this one, I’ve never driven a truck this size.  Making turns was a slight challenge however I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was drive.  Quite fun.

Make sure to visit next week as we suit up for a LIVE BURN with both structure and car fires.  Have a great week.

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